Pinpoint infiltration to relieve your pain
At the SchmerzLOS medical center all infiltrations/X-rays are invariably performed in specific locations or by using ultrasound to achieve an optimal effect.

We locate the point precisely in the places which are responsible for the occurrence of pain. Through infiltration with local anesthetics, homeopathic or corticoids substances pain relief can be achieved.


In recurrent, chronic pain of certain spinal segments (eg lower back pain, sciatic pain, spine pain in general, pseudoradicular sciatica, ...)  the infiltration of the facet nerves functions as excellent therapy.  Immediately after the first session an effect can be felt by you as the patient.


Possible Infiltrations:

  • Nerve root infiltration and pulsed radiofrequency treatment
  • Epidural Infiltration
  • Joint Infiltration
  • Discographies