Dr. Wolfgang Stelzer

  • Medical administration “Medical Center SchmerzLos" Linz and Baden bei Wien
  • Scientific management "SchmerzLOS Research"
  • Founding member of Austrian Society of Interventional Pain Management.
  • Motto: "Enjoyment of activities and persistence as well as ongoing training and willingness to learn under consideration for the unique life of every individual”

Dr. Sylvia Leitner

  • Motto: "A Heart for Children. Responsible for dreams of all kinds”

Dr. Monika Braune

  • Motto: “It is a pleasure to work in the field of Medicine in order to improve your quality of life“

Dr. Dominik Stelzer

  • Motto: “Perseverance and ambition are the keys to success. Humaneness and honesty are the keys to helping people.”