A bit of soreness in the finger, occasional headaches, back discomfort ... everyone knows it in some form: pain.

But what processes and functions are actually associated with it?
Medically, the phenomenon of pain is divided into different categories, depending on the type, location, cause and duration. Particularly important is the distinction between acute and chronic pain.


Acute pain usually has a trigger, a cause that should be treated. The body uses it as a defense mechanism against potential threats, which is why it represents an important function for the body.

For chronic pain, however, usually no clear cause is discernible. It is formed by alteration (neuromodulation) of the pain system. This pain is effectively useless for the body, as it gives no warning function, and is thus no longer a secondary side effect of a disease but will become a disease that can often lead to isolation and depression in addition to restrictions of everyday life.

Radio frequency therapy is intended to bring the sick, hypersensitive nerves back to a normal state, and thus prevent the continuous firing on the pain centers in the brain. So you as a patient can recover better and faster from chronic pain.