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Autologous blood therapy to treat the pain

Orthokine ® is used for the production of autologous conditioned serum from a patient's blood. This is then prepared for injection (the patient's serum) and is suitable for the treatment of wear-related pain in the large joints, but especially of the knee joint as well as infiltration of the nerve roots of the spine.  Orthokine is also used to speed up the healing process following muscle or ligament injuries.

The preparation of Orthokine is created from the patient’s own blood and is predominantly used against inflammation. The resulting substance is then injected up to 6 times in one-week intervals to the affected area. Inflammation is involved in any pain process, but is particularly harmful in Osteoarthritis, causing the further destruction of cartilage and more pain. This inflammation is to be stopped with Orthokine ®.


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